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Emo Crys is one of the main characters of Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders. For real information of Emo Crys, go to Wild Grinders Wiki.



A deep and sensitive boy has the habit of adoring nature. His favorite entertainments are the unicorns, small creatures of the forest, and monster movies. He has a dislike of commercialism that was taking away his artwork. He can sometimes speak in a dramatic or poetic way of how the events came by. He sometimes can be over dramatic or using a meltdown, as for example, that his board was missing (which he does not remember that his board was imaginary). Emo Crys is always talented of creating street art by using spray cans in regulars ways or Gothic ways.

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Instead of Lil' Rob as the main character, Emo Crys takes the first lead role of Techno Fantasy. His element is Caliber, and his alter ego is Caliber Wolf. Emo Crys' symbol is the purple square.

According to the first Wild Grinders spinoff, Hyper Rush, Emo Crys and Lil' Rob are closely seen in the Chatholic Church when they were about 6 or 7. Lil' Rob argues to Emo Crys about his father, who used to be a exorcist, that he and his father will be in hell. This argument caused Emo Crys to be anxious and terrified.

Close to his father's success, he performs Satanic or Chatholic spells to "contact the dead". Before he was possessed by a demon named Ynashti, he saw a demon preteen child that was the form of Lil' Rob. Later to Sxabia's command, he was violently transformed into a vampire. Goggles successfully cured Emo Crys with the Bible of Innocence, to avoid the oncoming deaths of children. Before the spin-off ends, Emo Crys almost lost his love life.

He gradually unite Mami when trying to obtain his apology.



Emo's black hair covered his right eye. He wears a purple, black-striped shirt and light blue jeans. He also wears a gray scarf on his neck.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit