Harutsuki Mami (Jap.春月まみ), also nicknamed as Mami Nomi (Jap.まみのみ), is one of the characters of the Wild Grinders Fanon and one of the main characters of Cosmic Dolls. Her alter ego is Twilight Parfait. This character was created by Caramelangel714.


  • Real Name:Harutsuki Mami
  • Nickname:Mami Nomi
  • Age:13
  • Gender:Female
  • Race:Human
  • Nationality:Asian, Japanese
  • Relatives:Harutsuki Shuu (father), Harutsuki Jane (mother), Harutsuki Paki, Harutsuki Kiki, Harutsuki Nini (younger sisters), Harutsuki Lapi (baby sister)
  • Likes:Rabbits, babysitting, organic food
  • Dislikes:Satanic events, "contact the dead", puppets



Unlike Emo Crys, Mami have a emo-lolita appearance. Mami can be almost identical, with a peakaboo hairstyle on the left; also, she have upper pigtails that reach to her ears.