Luna Crys

Luna Crys' appearance.

Luna Crys is the secondary antagonist in the Techno Fantasy Movie, and one of the main characters. Secretly, he is Emo Crys' twin brother and rival. His element is Dark, and his alter ego is Dark Lion. This character is created by Caramelangel714.



Luna Crys wears a black-grey shirt with a skull icon on the center and has grey arm-warmers with green linings. He has green shorts and green-black shoes with black legwarmers (that is the exact cut-off of the jeans). Luna has long and shaggy hair; alike to Emo Crys, his hair covered his right eye and has a green scarf (not simiar to Emo Crys' gray scarf).


Luna Crys is a parodic term for "ludacris".


  • Luna Crys' history is slighty similar to Koichi's from Digimon Frontier.
  • Luna is slightly a child version of Nathan Explosion from Adult Swim's Metalcalyspe.